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APG 203
Professor Garcia- Quijano

4/14/14 Correlates of foraging • Correlations- association or co-variation between two or more variables o People who subsist by hunting, gathering and fishing often live in band organized societies o Band- small group of fewer or close to one hundred people related by kinship or marriage o There are exceptions: foraging societies have reached the tens of thousands with complex societies (the Nu-chah-nulth in pacific Northwest  Society lived on fishing  *In the book* Foraging • Mobility is a typical characteristic of foraging societies o Often people can move between groups based on kinship (family relationships) o Fictive kinship- personal relationships modeled on kinship (calling someone “aunt” without a blood relation) o All foragers make social distinctions based on age o Egalitarian- people tend to be of equal power in relationship to one another (between adults, not parent to child) The forage stereotypes • Foragers have long been viewed as marginally making primitive living under harsh conditions and great duress, starving and not fully evolved • This view is HIGHLY ETHNOCENTRIC! • Many foragers studied in modern times have been pushed to marginal environment ravaged by disease, some were not always foragers! • Foragers can be highly effective and
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