April 23

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APG 203
Professor Garcia- Quijano

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4/24/14 Economizing and Production • How are product, distribution and consumption organized in different societies? • What motivates people in different cultures to produce, distribute, exchange and consume? o Anthropologists view economic systems and motivations in cross cultural perspective • Economizing- rational allocation of scarce means (or resources) to alternative ends • Alternative ends- people devote some time and energy to build up a subsistence fund o Citizens of nonindustrial states also allocate scarce resources to a rent fund— taxes o Peasants- Small scale agriculturalists who live in nonindustrial states and have rent fund obligations  Live in states- organized societies  Produce food without elaborate technology  Pay rent to landlords • Economic behavior may be motivated by a variety of goals o Maximum profit o Wealth o Prestige o Pleasure o Comfort o Social harmony Distribution and Exchange • The market principle- buying, selling and valuation based on supply and demands o Bargaining char
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