BPS 203 Lecture 1: BPS 203 Day 2

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BPS 203 Day 2 1/26/2017 6:28:00 PM
Cantharide (Spanish Fly)
Pharmacognosy Drug/remedy knowledge, Study of drugs from nature.
Drug Discovery. Any natural origin, not only plants could be any living
organism, e.g. fungi, bugs, etc.
Youngken books are like the bible of pharmacognosy, containing detailed
info of the plants, etc, morphologically and drugs produced.
1 week to get a Selfie with the Youngken headstone, drop it in the dropbox.
Old Japanese professor is Shimuzu, and Dr. Rowley made an appearance in
class. Guest lecturer replaced Prof. Lynnie.
WHAT ARE NATURAL PRODUCTS? Secondary Metabolites
Difference Between Primary vs. Secondary Metabolism.
In the first, compounds are formed and then are used in the later. Look up
definitions. Why organism uses such compounds, uses compounds with
complex structures, concentrated complexity. It gives organism a
competitive advantage. E.g. poisonous leafs to ward off some animals and
attractive colors for pollination.
Fleming penicillin . how he discovered it, spores from mold got into his
petri dish.
Movie- Apocalypse ; native people using some natural products.
Biological name; genus species.
Spanish Fly important.
Phytochemicals Plant chemicals; Phytonutrients also used but it’s not right
Ayurveda system and Yoga (India) ; TCM uses acupuncture. (China) ;
Kampo (Japanese) and Jamu (Indonesia)
Chinese wormwood for treating malaria
Medieval England aspirin from willow tree bark ; salicin, salicylic acid
E.g. plant natural product; willow tree bark etc.
Drugs obtained from plants.
Madagascar Periwinkle and Indian Snakeroot
Agave- Southwest Aloe
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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