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BUS 110

Tour description  Let French Country Tours take you on a journey through the back roads of rural France. This tour will appeal to you if you are longing to experience the beauty and peace of the French countryside, but you don’t want to worry about arranging transportation and accommodations and you don’t want to spend your precious vacation time on a crowded tour bus. Each French Country Tour is limited to just 15 people. To keep costs down and to make your travel experience as authentic as possible, you travel on local buses and trains and stay in comfortable, family-run pensions. Monique Deville, our experienced guide and gourmet chef, takes care of all the travel details as she escorts you through the ancient hills of Dordogne, along the serene rivers of the Loire Valley, and into the heart of ProvenceAfter a day touring the highways and byways of the French countryside, you can relax with a glass of local wine in a charming country restaurant and then take a stroll through a quaint French village. Sleep comfortably in cozy pensions and awake each morning to the smell of freshly baked croissants. Moments to Remember Here are just some of the moments you will share with other nature lovers on our French Country Tour: Find the time to linger over a three- course lunch served under the plane tress in a village square. Relax on the beaches of Provence with a good book, a view of the azure sea, and a cold drink. ppreciate firsthand the warm hospitality of your French hosts at family-run pensions where the beds are comfortable and the company is A cheerf
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