CMD 377 Lecture 19: CMD 377 - Lecture 19 - The Cerebellum

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University of Rhode Island
Communicative Disorders
CMD 377
Mikyong Kim

CMD 377 - Lecture 19 - The Cerebellum Anatomy and Function of the Cerebellum - Major Fissures and Lobes ● Posterolateral fissure: ○ Separates the flocculonodular lobe from the body of the cerebellum ● Flocculonodular lobe: ○ Medial portion (nodulus) and lateral portion (flocculus) ○ Involved in the maintenance of equilibrium and coordination of eye movement ■ Connected to brainstem vestibular nuclei ● Primary fissure: ○ Separates the anterior and posterior lobes ● Anterior lobe ● Posterior lobe ● Vermis: ○ Most medial zone ○ Involved in the regulation of posture (especially of the trunk) and of muscle tone and posture during stereotyped movements ■ Stereotypes movement → “programmed” movement at the level of the spinal cord ○ Lesion to this area results in a difficulty to move smoothly ● Intermediate zone: ○ Adjacent to the vermis in each hemisphere ○ Involved in the regulation of posture (distal muscles) and correction of movements ● Lateral zone: ○ Involved in planning and coordination of voluntary movements (especially learned, skillful movements) The Attachment of the Cerebellum ● Attached to the brainstem by 3 peduncles: ○ Superior cerebellar peduncle: ■ Carry efferents from the cerebellum to the other parts of the brain ○ Middle cerebellar peduncle: ■ Carry afferents primarily from the pontine nuclei to the cerebellum ○ Inferior cerebellar peduncle: ■ Carry afferents from the s
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