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Blooms Taxonomy

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EDC 312
Kathy Peno

Bloom's Taxonomy Knowledge: Recall data or information • Examples: ◦ Recite a policy. Quote prices from memory to a customer. Knows the safety rules. • Keywords: ◦ defines, describes, identifies, knows, labels, lists matches, names, outlines, recalls, recognizes, reproduces, selects, states Comprehension: Understand the meaning, translation, interpolation and interpretation of instructions and problems. State a problem in one's own words. • Examples: ◦ Rewrites the principles of test writing. Explain in ones own words the steps for performing a complex task. Translates an equation into a computer spreadsheet. • Key words: ◦ comprehends, converts, defends, distinguishes, estimates, explains, extends, generalizes, gives examples, infers, interprets, paraphrases, predict, rewrites, summarizes, translates\ Application: Use a concept in a new situation or unprompted use of an abstraction.Applies what was learned in the classroom into novel situations in the work place. • Examples: ◦ Use a manual to calculate an employees vacation time.Apply laws of statistics to evaluate the reliability of a written test • Key words: ◦ applies, changes, computes, constructs, demonstrates, discovers, manipulates, modifies, operates, predicts, prepares, produces, relates, shows, solves, uses Analysis: Separates material or concepts into component parts so that its organizational structure may be understood. Distinguishes be
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