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Feb 19 notes flappers and modernism, the 1920s

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HIS 146

2/19/14 War ends, factory returns to normal • New jobs opened up for returning soldiers, women sent back to the home o Some happy to leave, some angry  Angry wanted/needed the money, and the opportunity o Mothers whose kids are older were getting more leisure time, needed cash  More women hired in retail clerical work • At end of war Wilson had to make a choice o Gives victory to NAWSA • Suffrage decision made in Mississippi/Kansas (?) • Anti-suffrage politician was going to vote against, but his mother told him to vote pro womens vote, so he did. o Women won the vote o His mother may not have been able to vote, but she had a son who she raised right who could vote o Being a mother is powerful Politicians were anti-women’s vote because • Women could eventually run for offices • Change legislation • Reform o Aid poor children o Great equality, options Voting locations changed • Prior to wom
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