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Landscape Architecture
LAR 346
William Green

Grading stairs • Contours do not run through stairs. • Contours stop at the edges of stairs and reemerge on other side of stairs • Place spot elevations at the tops and bottoms of stairs indicate with the symbol T.S. 236.9, B.S. 232.9 • Treads should pitch 1/8"/ft toward the nose (1/8” wash). That is not shown in plan; however, when grading the TS and BS will reflect the tread slopes. Grading Ramps • Ramps are inclined sidewalks at a uniform slope. typically ranging between 5 -8% • Ramps can be graded perpendicular to the length or cross pitched • Spot elevations are normally given at top and bottom. • A directional arrow is usually drawn indicating the downhill slope. Grading for walls • Contours are not shown in walls. • Contours run to the edge of a wall and emerge on the other side or at the end. • Spot elevations are given at top of wall (T.W.) and at bottom of wall (B.W.) • Runoff and drainage are critical to a wall’s durability. Use contours and swales to intercept and direct water away from walls. Do not drain over a wall as water can stain. • Weepholes and longitudinal back drains are used to collect and direct runoff Biotechnical Erosio
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