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MUS 106 Lecture 18: MUS106 - Lec 18

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MUS 106
Monllos John

Tuesday, April 18, 2017 MUS 106 Lec 18 - Gerry Mulligan • Sax, clarinet, composer, and arranger • though Mulligan is primarily known as one of the leading baritone saxophonists in jazz history, playing the instrument with a light and airy tone in the era of cool jazz • he was also a notable arranger, working with Claude Thornhill, Miles Davis, Stan Kenton and others. Mulligan’s painless quartet of the early 1950s with trumpeter Chet Baker is still regarded as one of the more important cool jazz groups • Skilled pianist but only used it to arrange - Chet Baker • Jazz trumpeter, flugelhorn and singer • Specializing in relaxed and melancholy music, Baker rose to prominence as a leading name in cool jazz in the 1950s • Bakers good looks and smoldering, intimate singing voice established him as a promising name in pop music as well. His success was badly hampered by drug addiction in the 1960s died by falling out a hotel window • - listening “Line for Lyon” - Dave Brubeck • Jazz pianist whose style ranges from refined to bombastic, reflecting his moms attempts at classical training and his improv skills. • His music is known for employing odd time signatures, superimposing contrasting rhythms, meters and tonalities 1 Tuesday, April 18, 2017 • His long time partner, saxophonis
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