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Chapter 12

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PSY 235
Taryn Aldrich

11/19/13 Chapter 12 Stress,Adjustment, and Health Differences Disease Prone Personalities • Health behaviors ◦ Activities and actions that have implications for health ◦ People with certain personalities take greater risks with their health ◦ Smoking is related to rebelliousness, aggressiveness, low self esteem, and implusivity The Sick Role • Certain people respond to stressful life events by entering the sick role ◦ e.g., see a doctor, don't go to school or work, act moody, stay in bed, take medication • Behaviorist explanations ◦ Rewards of the sick role • Cognitive explanations ◦ Interpretations of bodily sensations • Neuroticism and negative mood increase illness reporting Disease-cause Personality Changes • Somatopsychic effect • From soma (body) to psyche • Disease or genetic predispositions to illness can affect personality ◦ Oxygen deprivation ◦ Down syndrome ◦ Angelman syndrome Diathesis-Stress • Diathesis- the predisposition of the body to a disease or disorder • However, the disease or disorder does not materialize unless it is also elicited from the environment (stress) Personality Disorders • Personality disorders include ongoing patterns of behavior that impair the person's functioning and well-being • “Borderline personality disorder” ◦ Serious problems of impulsive, self-destructive behavior, fragile self identity, and stormy relationships Sudden Cardiac Death • Bernard Lown's Model ◦ Electrical instability (diathesis) ◦ Apersuasive negative emotional state (diathesis) ◦ Atriggering event (diathesis) The Human Termites • Longitudinal study of 856 males and 672 females that Lewis Terman started in 1921 • Followed throughout their lives, from 1921 to
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