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Chapter 14

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PSY 235
Taryn Aldrich

12/5/13 Chapter 14 (lecture/speech based, not book based) Love and Hate Cultural Differences in Hatred • There are huge societal differences in levels of hostility and aggression • There are also differences in how much hostility/aggression is deemed socially acceptable • Hate and aggression are inborn in many species ◦ Animals defending their territory/ young ◦ Humans don't all express hatred in the same say – some avoid expressing it as much as possible (aggressive trait doesn't necessarily mean it will be expressed) • Odds ratio vs Risk ratio ◦ In domestic violence (intimate partner violence) ◦ Risk Ratio ▪ someone who has been abused in the past may or may not be an abuser ▪ perspective: looking into the future for risk of abuse ◦ Odds ratio ▪ many abusers have a history of abuse in their lives ▪ retrospective: looking back to earlier years for a history of abuse • Abusers are usually thought to mirror abuse they experienced earlier in life • Conduct disorder in children; unusual levels of aggression in children ◦ Often a step towards anti-social personality disorder • Medications can cause aggression • Certain cultures don't recognize certain conditions/ symptoms or medicat
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