Stages 4 and 5 of Intro to Design
Stages 4 and 5 of Intro to Design

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University of Rhode Island
Textiles, Fashion Merchandising, and Design
TMD 126
Karl Aspelund

NoclassMonday Wednesday: • 7 questions on a designed object (14 points each) • 1 from each stage: inspiration-production • 3% extra credit for answers in stages 6&7: communication and productions (counts as journal grade). Friday: • Round 2: hierarchy analysis ("open book")-- how to make it better according to the hierarchy of design's needs NOTES Stage 4&5: Analysis of a Designed Object (exploration and definition) Journal The Anatomy of An Idea (due 9/18) • Pick a design • How much of the idea is in ⁃ Physical representation ⁃ Intangible, emotional response • Break your idea up into ⁃ physical elements ⁃ perceived effect of elements • What is the purpose of each entity/element/part? ⁃ Relative to other elements? ⁃ Relative to the whole? **Question your design** Explore: a)Materials b)Function c)Form d)Colors e)Usage f)Production g)History A. Materials: ⁃ Try substituting the material it is made out of B. Form: ⁃ Conside a few variations ⁃ bigger, smaller, rounder ⁃ go to extremes C. Function D. Colors: ⁃ how the choice of color influences the "feel" of the design ⁃ which "belong" and which do not? E.Usage: ⁃ How has this design been used before? ⁃ What worked what didn't? ⁃ If something should change, how can you effect this? ⁃ Consider ergonomic issues. What can you improve? F.Production: ⁃ How is a design such as yours commonly produced? ⁃ Is there anything in the production techniques that in
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