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University of Southern California
ANTH 105g
Nicholas Bartlett

In Search of Respect  Important terms: o “Cultural Capital” o “Culture of terror” o “Nuyorican”  New York Puerto Rican  Do they have their own culture? Is it independent? Is it tied into another culture?  Politics of Representation: The activity of making certain voices, opinions, and perspectives ‘present’ to certain publics (in the media, community forums, academia, public policy making process, etc.). o If you pick + choose to tell certain parts of a story, it tells a specific story  Ex: reality TV doesn’t provide much context  As an author Bourgois is: o Very carefully curated, showing you what he wants to show o What are his responsibilities to other people? To himself? To his career and his public advocacy? o Other interpretations, other ways of writing  Roles of running a crack house: o Ray – “boss” figure; discipline  Manipulate kin networks by making people godfathers, having children with the same people  Makes relationships complicated  Manipulate through “compadre” relationships o Sales  Actual crack dealers o Primo – manager  Primo is addicted, so when he’s using Ray hires Tony  Lawyer fees, but Ray treats them better o Ceasar- Lookout  Know who is using on the streets  Biggest client base who is a question mark – prisoners (ex-cons)  Must be intimidating o Runners  Kids, they take the packages o Decoys o Users  Must screen them beforehand o Lookouts  Let you know if cops are coming  If you have a bunch of people around, it’s less lonely and less stressful  Crack-dealing is like American attitude toward money: you have to spend money to stimulate economy, cannot just save the $$  “Structural” o Examples: structural transformations, contrast, oppression, dislocation, marginalization, victimization o Structural transformation = shift from factory work to service work o Structural = economic, economy o Structural changes = economic changes  Political economy o Sometimes a synonym for economics o Also analyses that social scientists (including but not limited to economists) give to the gov or public on large-scale economy policy and proposals  Gender dynamics: women must start working, but cannot be in high-power positions or the men get angry  “Jibar
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