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Biological Sciences
BISC 220Lg
Mc Clure

Diff types of proteins • transport • enzymatic activity • signal transdution w signaling molecule & receptors • cell-cell recognition - glycoprotein on protein is recog.by other protein • intercellular joining (better known as cell adhesion) • attachment to cytoskeleton & extracellular matrix (ECM) to help with maintain structure Cell surfaces & membranes transport across membranes solution has solvent in which liquid solute is dissolved isotonic - 2 soln have same concentration hypertonic - soln.w.higher concentration hypotonic - soln w.lower concentration water is important solvent >> polar H-bonds can dissociate ionic bonds (solvation shell),polar proteins PassiveTransport diffusion:movement of solute down concentration gradient until reach equilibrium is reached any membrane that solutes can pass through cannot prevent diffusion results from KE of moelcules hyper and hypotonic solutions will become isotonic (equilibrium) osmosis:movement of water along concentration gradient when a membrane has limited permeability (semi-selectively permeable) concentration of free water is greater on one side than the other >> results in equal concentration on both sides Difference in what happens for cells in different solutions for animals & plants? Animals: • isotonic - water in = water out • cell in hypertonic soln - cell shrivels • cell in hypotonic soln - cell burst some organisms have a contractile vacuole to regulate water concentration ⿞ex.paramecium:in hypotonic soln - vacuole collects water & expells water ⿞but still can live in relative limited range of environments diff b.w.simple m.c.org & complex (ex.humans) have exta layer of protection >> skin which controls how much water/ions get inside by drinking & eatting & how much leaves by excretory systems Plants: • cell in hypotonic soln - cell becom
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