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University of Southern California
Business Administration
BUAD 304
Chris Bresnahan

BUAD Discussion 3/25/2013 8:08:00 AM Leader as Negotiator Conflict- a process when one party perceives that one part has negatively affected or is about to negatively affect something the first party cares about  Point when an interaction ―crosses over‖ into conflict Three Theories/views of conflict  Traditional View- conflict is always bad  Human Relations View- conflict is inevitable—its going to happen  Interactionist View- some conflict can be useful some of the time o Functional Conflict- conflict that supports goals of the group o Dysfunctional conflict- hinders group performance  Task Conflict-  conflicts over context and goals of work  Low levels are good and FUNCTIONAL  Relationship Conflict-  Based on interpersonal relationships  Always bad or DYSFUNCTIONAL  Process Conflict-  Conflict over how work gets done  Low levels of this are FUNCTIONAL  EX: presentation-powerpoint, prezi… ***Conflict Process  STAGE I- Potential Opposition or Incompatibility o Antecedent conditions- things that happen when you put people into groups  Communication – barriers, nonverbal, cultural diff.  Structure – large—more conflict  Personal variables – individual differences (ex: music choice, work hours)  STAGE II- Cognition and Personalization o Perceived Conflict- when you understand conceptually that you have a conflict with another person—have no problem with it o Felt Conflict- when you get angry about it—emotional involvement (EX: politics… )  STAGE III- Intentions o Conflict handling intentions-  Competing-  want 100% of the pie  They want to win and they want other to loose  When is it important to compete?  Question of Ethics  Mergers—keep as many employees as possible  Collaborating  Everyone can get what they want  Compromising  Everyone gets 50/50  Avoiding  Give up the entire pie  They don’t like conflict—makes them upset  When do you avoid?  when you’re with your boss  Accommodating
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