ENST 320a Lecture 36: 11-17-14 Types of Coastal Ecosystems

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8 Feb 2017

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Date last modified: 11/19/14
Types of Coastal Ecosystems
What’s happening because of the Mississippi? Algal blooms – can be harmful
neurotoxins can be harmful the algae that decomposes is consumed by bacteria
more and more which also consume the oxygen and a hypoxic environment which
creates DEAD ZONES
Dredging more efficient form of fishing drag net on bottom and pick up everything
that lives there going on for 100s of years totally screw up bottom of the bays
and now there’s mud – that sucked down everything in the water like excess
nutrients oyster can filter so many galloons a day once removed now bacteria
takes over that niche sucking down the nutrients jellies and slime altered the
environment so intensely that they are taking over the job that others used to do
On the coast:
Tons of different types of ecosystems
o We use all of these
o Many places in the world are built on estuaries Manhattan beach
san Fran
o New Orleans below sea level
o Manhattan beach break walls
Estuaries ocean and river come together create salt web have to be able
to handle really salty and really dilute conditions
o We recreate boating, fishing
o Have to dredge the channels of estuaries since don’t wont bottom of
the boat scraped
o Carved out a big estuary and all the animals that live there
Kelp forest
o Open coast and rocky areas
o Mississippi River Delta
o They develop when the rate of sediment supply is greater than the
rate of removal
o Not going to rebuild house if in flood area BIG PROBLEM if decide
to rebuild or to move somewhere else
Island ecosystems which can be very fragile
o Catalina, Santa Barbra, San Clemente a military base
o Super fragile areas
o Different species of fox, and plants
o Not supposed to see bison but we do
Rocky shores and cliffs
o Like to build in these places
o Pretty places
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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