PSYC 301L Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Long-Term Memory, Semantic Memory, Episodic Memory

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8 Feb 2017

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Lecture 9
Memory is always active
o Encoding, storing, and retrieving information
Memory is the past affecting the present and future
Encoding- converting information to a useable form for storage
Sensory memory- first stage of memory, storing an exact copy of incoming information
for <1 second
o Everything comes in
o Large capacity, short duration
Short term memory- 2nd stage of memory, stores small amounts of information briefly
o Sensitive to interruption and interference
o Limited to holding 7 (+ or 2) items of information at once
Long term memory- stores information relatively permanently
o Unlimited capacity
o Explicit (declarative) memory- factual knowledge and personal experiences
Semantic memory- impersonal factual knowledge and personal
Episodic memory- personal experiences linked with specific times and
Atkinson and Shiffrin’s modal model of memory:
o 3 parts:
sensory memory
short term memory
long term memory
o when information is retrieved from long term memory, it goes back to short term
Control processes- active processes that can be controlled by a person
o Maintenance rehearsal
o Strategies to make things more memorable
o Strategies to help you focus
Measuring capacity/duration of sensory memory
o Whole report method vs. partial report method vs. delayed partial report condition
o Whole report: 4.5/12 letters
o Partial report: 3.3/4 letters
o Delayed partial report: ¼ letters
Sensory memory has a large capacity but fast decay
Chunking can expand short term memory capacity
o Break down into meaningful pieces
Brown/Peterson and Peterson (simultaneous studies)
o Recall letters after counting backwards by 3 from a number for 3-18 seconds
o At 3 seconds, almost the same
o Longer delay causes more forgetting
o People got worse the longer it went on
Proactive/retroactive interference
Change detection is a better measure of capacity than digit span
Change detection can improve with practice
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