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Lecture 2

PSYC 437 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Erik Erikson, Anna Freud, Ejaculation

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PSYC 437
David Schwartz

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Review for Midterm # 1
Below is a brief review for the first midterm. ANY material that is in the textbook,
lectures, or videos is fair game (even material not listed on this review sheet). However,
I've tried to highlight the topics and issues that will be particularly important for the
midterm. Likewise, I've also identified a few areas that are not likely to be emphasized.
Theoretical Perspectives on Adolescence
Important to Know
Common stereotypes about adolescence
Salient Developmental Tasks
Early, Middle, and Late Adolescence
Historical/Cultural Perspectives
Stanley Hall
Sigmund and Anna Freud
Erik Erikson
Learning/Behaviorism Perspectives
Cognitive Models
Urie Brofenbrenner
Less Important to Know
Difference between biological and organismic perspectives
Biological Transitions
Important to Know
Common stereotypes about puberty
Basic changes that occur during puberty
Feedback loops in the Endocrine system
The Role of the HPG Axis in puberty
The Growth Spurt
Development of Primary and Secondary Sexual Characteristics
Menarche and first ejaculation
Impact of puberty on self-esteem, moodiness, sleep cycles
Impact of puberty on relationships in the family
Differences in puberty across cultural and socioeconomic subgroups
Factors that affect the timing of puberty
Early/Late Developers
The Secular Trend
Eating disorders
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