PSYC 101 Lecture 1: Psych Notes (Philosophy & Types of Psychology)

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University of San Diego
PSYC 101
Pearlberg Steven

Chapter 1: THE SCIENCE OF THE MIND Mind The brain and its activities, including thought, emotion, and behavior Psychology The scientific study of behavior and mental processes Introspection Personal observation of your own thoughts, feelings, and behavior Behavior Actions that we can observe Philosophy Systematically examines basic concepts including the source of knowledge Natural Science Science that studies the physical and biological events that occur in nature Philosophy and Psychology: Is the mind inborn or formed through experience? Rene Descartes (1596 1650) o Ideas and emotions are innate or inborn Aristotle (384322 BC) o All knowledge gained through sensory experience Empiricism (British) o Viewed mind as blank slate o Knowledge is a result of experience Nature vs. Nurture o Mind is a result of both Herman Von Helmoltz (1821 1894) o Speed of nerve signaling evidence that the mind has a physical basis Gustav Fechner (1801 1889) o Identified softest sound humans can hear Greek Philosophers Provided natural explanations for their observations Ancient Physicians The brain is the source of the mind 17th 18th century natural scientists discoveries about sensation and movement showed that the mind was physical Types of Psychology 1. Biopsychology Sleep research (EEG, EOG, EMG) always good to have multiple sources to prove 2. Evolutionary Psychology Why we do certain behaviors and how it can be traced back to our ancestors 3. Cognitive Psychology Not so much the function of the brain, but the output understanding, memory 4. Social Psychology Ex: Bystander Effect 5. Developmental Psychology Do we change in stages? At a linear rate? 6. Clinical and Individual Differences 24 of people in the world Scientific Method: 1. Literature Review
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