PSYC 101 Lecture 4: Psych Notes (Vision)

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University of San Diego
PSYC 101
Pearlberg Steven

Bottom up vs. Top down processing: o Bottom Up Data driven Stimulus becomes more complex as processes further Process begins with simple elements Elements combine o Top Down Conceptually driven Begins with active search for order Based on previous knowledge Searched for elements associated with that knowledge Stroop Task Green written in blue ink (example) Psychophysics Relationship between attributes of the physical world and your psychological evidence of them Sensory Thresholds Level of energy required to activate that sense o Absolute threshold: smallest amount of energy that can be detected by a system (50 of the time) The 5 senses Ex: vision a candle flame from 30 mi. away o Difference Threshold: the smallest difference to notice a stimulus change Can change within a person overtime and as a result of hormone status Olfactory sensitivity during pregnancy Ability to taste food as we get older The Electromagnetic Spectrum and Visible Light o Ranges from comic rays, through xrays, and ultraviolet light, to TV and radio waves Vision o External light falls on receptors to generate the visual message o Light = Electromagnetic radiation Retina Perceptual cells which transfer to (occipital lobe) of brain Fovea Focus 12 of brain is involved in visual processing mostly occipital lobe, but other parts of brain are also needed for understanding. Photo Receptors Light sensitive cells found within the retina 100 million receptors per eye Rods Sensitive to light Under lowlight conditions Not color Cones Mostly in fovea Sensitive to color
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