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Lecture 22

PSYC 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 22: Factor Analysis, Construct Validity, Recognition Memory

Course Code
PSYC 101
Pearlberg Steven

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PSYC 101
April 5, 2019
Lecture No. 22
Cognition & Intelligence III
Cognitive Abilities
Gf and Gc take up most of the construct validity
Theory of cognitive ability
GS Processing Speed
Rapid cognitive processing but little thinking
Maintain focused attention
Search for and compare known visual symbols or patterns presented side-by-side or
separated in a visual field
Inspection Time (IT)
Simple sensory stimuli
Defect differences between two objects/events
Ex. line lengths
IV : stimulus onset delay
DV : % correct
Factor Analysis
Underlying commonalities of tests or tasks that measure a construct
Factor analysis
An advanced statistical procedure that helps investigators to explain why two
tests, or tasks, are correlated
Exploratory-factor analysis
I.D. underlying components
Not based on a theory/hypothesis
Confirmatory-factor analysis
Procedure to confirm whether factors in a theory exist
Contemporary Intelligence Testing
Working Memory (WM)
View of short-term memory as an active workspace in which information is retrieved
and manipulated and in which information is held through rehearsal
Working Memory (WM)
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