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Lecture 6

MGT 3500 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Leading Edge, Customer Experience

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MGT 3500
Eric Schulz

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Branding 9/15/2016 8:03:00 PM
Branding/brand development process
What is a brand?
Brand strategy
Brand positioning
Brand identity
Strategy sets the foundation, & then sets the brand positioning.
Branding acts as your guide by creating a strategic map and voice to guide
your marketing and communications.
5 drivers to creating brand insistence
Emotional connection: connect with consumers on emotional level
Value: does brand deliver a good value for the price?
Accessibility: can conveniently access and find it?
Awareness: brand needs to be well-known & first one that comes to
their minds
o Strong cornerstone of strong brands
Relevant differentiation: must be unique and relevant to customers
o Leading edge indicator of future market share and profitability
Branding is storytelling
Branding is about telling your audience the same thing all the time
Brand isn’t what you make at all. Its what you make possible.
Products are made in factories, brands are created in the mind
Brand Promise Brand experience
Recall triggers: tag lines, memories, songs, ads
Implementation: how is it getting done?
Performance: sales
Insight gathering:
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