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Lecture 15

MGT 3500 Lecture 15: Effective Job interviewing strategies

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MGT 3500
Eric Schulz

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Effective Job interviewing strategies
I’m good enough
I’m smart enough
People like me
I get things done
3 true job interview questions:
1. can you do this job?
a. strengths
2. will you love the job?
a. motivation
3. can we tolerate working with you?
a. Fit
(Worst thing you could do in an interview is think!)
Broadway Show Strategy
You need to be so well rehearsed that you sound spontaneous.
- No perfumes/colognes
- Dress professionally
- Firm handshake
- Sit down, but sit on the edge of the chair to seem engaged and interested.
Big opening number
- Energy
Advancing the Storyline
- Stories Sell Yourself!!
- Fundamental fit questions
- Beware trap questions:
o What is your greatest weakness?
- Personal Issues
- What questions do you have?
o Need to have 3 questions ready
One or two should be about company
Other one can be: How long have you been at the company? What
happened to the person who last had this position?
Don’t take your cell phone in to the interview with you.
Big Finish
- Thank the interviewer
- Leave them with a lasting impression
- Can ask how quickly do you expect to have a decision?
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