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Lecture 24

MGT 3500 Lecture 24: Meaningful Marketing

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MGT 3500
Eric Schulz

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Meaningful Marketing
Data proven reliable and reproducible
Three types of marketing:
1. Meaningless marketing: say nothing, does nothing. Just noise
2. Mindless marketing: tricks, fads, gimmicks
- marketing tricks, borrowed interest, promotions over products, the ultimate trick=cash
3. Meaningful marketing: genuine, authentic, sustained
- the “drama” of your offering, story of what makes you meaningfully great, “customer
driven ideas”
Ease of execution
Mindless marketing
- Easiest to execute
- Only involves sales/marketing
- Price
- Impulse
- Borrowed interest
- Hype
- Short term
- Gimmick focused
Meaningful marketing
- Harder to do
- Changes to product/service
- R & D, manufacturing, operations
- Value
- Consumer making conscious choice
- Authenticity
- Substance
- Enduring
- Product focused
Mindless Trick #1
Foot in the door or “low balling”
- Fundraising
o Small request (answer 4 questions)
o Large request (give money)
34% gave money versus 19%
Mindless Trick #2
Door in the face or “concession”
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