ADV 378S Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: A.D. Vision

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10 May 2016
ADV 378 Feb 29th
A Huge Jump in TV Revenue: Battle between haves and have-note
Conference revenue growth has skyrocketed recently, leading to higher payouts for
member schools
Power five conferences
oGenerally regarded as best teams (ACC, Big 10/12, Pac 12, SEC)
Group of 5
oAAC, CUSA, MAC, MWC, Notre Dame, Army, BYU
oEach power 5 plus the highest group of 5 is guaranteed a spot in either the
playoff or one of the top 4 bowl games
Power 5 Conferences
o2014, NCAA gave them greater autonomy: cost of attendance, stipends, player
insurance, staff, recruiting rules and mandatory hours spent on sports
oNCAA had approved stipends, but full membership voted it down
oOther likely changes
4-year scholarship guaranteed
lesser restrictions on player/agent contact
ability to pursue outside paid career opportunities
covering expenses for player families to attend playoff games
High School Athletics
oUnlike NCAA, UIL isn’t considered private org, but is a state actor, and can be
sued by schools and athletes for violating rights. Can be found liable for injury if
proper precautions and waivers are not in place
oGoverned by a statewide org, UIL
Originally created by UT in 1910, two entities that combined covered
debate and athletics, merged in 1913. But is high school sports too
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