ADV 378S Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Lux, Rust Belt, A.D. Vision

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10 May 2016
ADV 378 Apr 11:
Key Takeaways
oOwners rode a long wave of significant advantage over players
oSet the tone for reform in free agency for all major US Pro Sports
oCurt Flood’s impact on public opinion and a seemingly small mistake by a
baseball owners set the stage for a huge change
oMarvin Miller’s insistence that the owners agree to arbitration as a method of
dispute settlement changed everything
oSalary cap/revenue sharing has been a key to stability
oNFL Funding Rule/Collusion Claim
Team Relocation
oWhy do teams move
oWhat are the migration patterns of teams?
oWhy would owners block team moves?
oCan anti-trust limit owner’s powers to control moves?
oExamples of team relocation controversies
Why does a team move?
oLack of financial success in current market
Hornets from Charlotte to New Orleans (OKC due to Katrina), then back
to New Orleans
Grizzlies from Vancouver to Memphis
Seattle to OKC
oGreater opportunities in a larger or growing market
Dodgers to LA from Brooklyn
oGreater revenue streams in new/different facility
Rams to LA
oInability to get a desired arena public funding deal
Seattle to OKC
Franchise Relocation Patterns
oPhase 1: Pre WW11, Smaller to Larger
oToo Many Teams in Smaller Markets
Baseball had teams in Providence, Syracuse
NFL has Canton, Ohio, Hammond, Indiana
Minneapolis Lakers
Philadelphia Warriors
Giants, Lions, and Browns were expansion teams
oPhase 2: Post WWII, Rustbelt to Sunbelt
oFollowed National trend to West and South
Dodger to LA, NY Giants to SF, NHL to Denver, Phoenix
Newer stadiums, outside of downtown areas with crime
Car friendly locations, open land available
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