ADV 378S Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: American Arbitration Association, Beta Blocker, Anabolic Steroid

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10 May 2016
ADV 378 Apr. 18th:
oMust consent to drug testing to be eligible
oFirst positive test: lose a year
oSecond: permanent ban
oStimulants, anabolic agents, beta blockers
oDiuretics and other masking agents, peptide hormones, anti estrogens. Beta-2
agonists or any substance related to these classes
oProcess for allowing some banned drugs for medical reasons. Must show
history/cause. Some require advanced permission
oAppeals/exception process in the event of a positive test
oADHD exceptions, etc.
oIntentional Olympic committee, US Olympic committee, US anti-doping agency
oDraft standards
oEducate athletes
oTo be recognized, any national governing body must comply with procedure
oAuthority to test any athlete
Members of national governing body (Track & Field)
Competes in USOC sanctioned event
Given consent to be tested
oIn or out of competition without any notice
oSelect from an automated draw
oRisk of doping in the sport
oTest history
oCan be done wherever
oControversial due to privacy concerns
oResults go to review board
oAthlete, USOC, national body are notified
oIf board recommends action, USADA adjudicates
oAthlete has right to hearing
oAmerican Arbitration Association
oCourt of arbitration for sports
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find more resources at
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