ADV 378S Lecture Notes - Lecture 20: Reverse Discrimination, Golf Cart, Augusta National Golf Club

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10 May 2016
ADV 378 Apr 20: FIX
Civil Rights Act
Title VII Banned intentional discrimination
Barred discrimination on race, color, religion, sex, origin, sexual
Banned in hiring, promotions, termination
oDisparate impact developed as acceptable evidence (statistical under-
representation devised by the courts)
oBusiness necessity developed as legitimate defense. Lack of qualified candidates
after a full and fair job search
Discrimination in Sports
Illegal discrimination
Policies that, while not illegal, lead to underrepresentation of certain
group of people
oPrimarily applied to employment, govt. entities and to organizations receiving
funding from government entities
oAugusta National Golf Club: 2003 was targeted for not having any women
members. Illegal?
Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis
oCommissioner of Baseball: 1920-1942
oBaseball not subject to Sherman Anti-Trust Act
oUnwritten rule that there would be no black players, did nothing to include
African American players
oIssued statement to the contrary, but actions said different
oStruck down plan by Bill Veeck to by a team and make it all black
Discrimination in Baseball
o1884: black player banned, non during Landis tenor
oHurt MLB, could’ve had more talent
Jackie Robinson
o1946: Dodgers signed Jackie
Offensive Comments as Catalyst
oOffensive remarks led to MLB Affirmative Action programs at the managerial and
coaching levels. NFL and NBA, 1987
Discrimination Milestones
oArt Schell: First black coach
oAllen Iverson: rap lyrics issue a double standard?
Title IX: Education Amendments of the Civil Right Act
oNo discrimination for any federally funded program
oNeeds to be equal, but isn’t mandated affirmative action
oApplies to both men and women
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