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Lecture 25

ADV 305 Lecture 25: ADV 305- Alternative Strategies – 3.1A

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ADV 305
Angelica Morris

ADV 305 Alternative Strategies 3.1 Alternative Advertising Programs Identify new places where consumers and brand paths intersect Goals o To reach consumers in unexpected ways or situations that resonate with consumers o To reach consumers where there is less competition for attention Less clutter Require creativity and imagination 3 different types o Guerilla marketing o Product placement o Branded entertainment Three different alternative strategy programs Guerilla Marketing o Designed to bring instant results with limited resources and lowcost approaches o Rely on creativity and willingness to step outside the box o First step is to identify potential touch points with consumers Figuring out where your brand can interact with customers path o Strive to interact with consumers; not just send out a message o Efforts play a role in building brand recognition and loyalty Recognition and loyalty = two primary reasons why ppl would pursue guerrilla marketing o Goal is to create excitement and generate marketing o Tends to focus on specific geographic regions or areas I.e. wont see it on a nationwide scale i.e. might be city wide, etc. interesting, creative, eye catching o i.e. Bumble ex: discovery channel shark week: promote with surf boards that look like shark bit out of it ex: stop global warming inflatable life boats under park benches fear that some cities will go underwater Product placement o Planned insertion or a product in a movie, television show, book, or other form of entertainment o Used since 1890s Biggest surge in 1982 E.T. and Reeses Pieces o Benefits Increase awareness Develop more positive consumer attitudes toward brand o Primary advantage: Impressions do not stop after one view
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