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ADV 318J
Gary Wilcox

The New Advertising and PR Objectives • Define what advertising and PR is… and what it's not. • Classify advertising by objectives • Outline advertising process What makes an ad good, or even great? Rate the Ad: • Bad • Bad • Bad • Good • Bad Advertising Surrounds Us • Most people in U.S like advertising because: o it helps them with product information o Supports Media they use o Advertising can be fun. What's Advertising? • Branded message on cable channels on ESPN • Branded message in magazines in ROLLING STONE • An offer for a "Getaway Weekend" at the Marriot Disney Resort that comes in your mailbox • Products you see on a game show like "THE PRICE IS RIGHT." • Yellow Pages • Billboards • Sponsored sports team • Definition: o Advertising is the Communications process of using paid media to reach a selected audience with a persuasive message. • A Working Definition: o A communications Process/Identifies Source o Using Paid Media o To reach a selected audience o With a Persuasive message • A process that involves: o Marketer: the person with the idea o Audience o Message o Objective What Advertising Isn't • Editorial or programming content (blogs written by people who are paid by the product to talk about how good the product is) • Public Relations and publicity o PR: practice of managing the flow of information between an organization and its public with the goal of positive exposure. o Publicity: marketer's supplying information to media • Sales Promotion: Short term programs designed to get consumers to buy product • Packaging: design and execution of a product's container/labeling • Direct/Database Marketing: Distribution channel of marketing direct to end- users using a database to eliminate intermediaries. Integrated Brand Communications • Combines communications tools of advertising, PR, publicity, sales promotion,, packaging and direct marketing for maximum impact. Classifying the Ads you see • By media • By geographic area • By product/service category • By objective
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