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Advertising and PR Business Thursday, October 03, 2013 9:31 AM How Marketers Work •Marketers include all the manufactures, service businesses and non-commercial enterprise worldwide that use advertising/PR in their marketing communications •Different firms put together different ways of handling advertising and PR How firms organize for advertising/PR •Small vs. Large companies •Different communication needs • Different Market needs o Geographic market locations or actual sediments of the market • Centralized structure: One ad/PR manager or team at the corporate level handles advertising/PR for all regions or divisions •Decentralized structure: each region or division has its own advertising/PR department and manager. Models for Managing •Functional model divides advertising/PR responsibilities by the jobs people do •Product or brand management system which every brand or product group is managed as a separate and independent profit unit within the larger company •Integrates communications model, a company is divided into units based on the consumers it serves, under a Marketing Communications or "MarCom" Manager rather than a product manager. "Ad/PR Manager" •AD/PR Director •Product Manager • Marketing Communications Manager •Chief marketing officer •The "Manager's" Responsibilities o AD/PR manager -- daily responsibility for an organization's advertising/pr program and will be held most directly accountable for its results 1. Planning: marketing objectives/ad/pr plans 1. Coordinating: handles the ad/pr agency 1. Evaluating: recommendations/agency performance 1. Getting results: monitor success of campaign •Successful AD/PR Managers o Sales and marketing ability o Experience to look at proposed adv/pr and judge its likelihood of success o Planning skills o Diplomacy o "At the end of the day, an effective ad/pr manager needs to determine what kind of communication **** The Advertising/PR Agency • Why use an agency? o Creating and placing advertising/PR is both technical specialty and a sensitive craft o Agency services today are a bargain compared to setting up a similar capacity inside the firm itself or "in-house" o Most companies don't really want to get into the ad/pr agency business themselves How Agencies Work • Advertising/PR agencies include all the firms that do advertising/PR planning, create ads, produce and place those ads in the media, etc. • 25,000 ad agencies in the U.S. • 12,000 PR agencies in the U.S. • Full-service: agencies will do everything (creating product packages, doing market research, consumer research and posting ads) Why is the agency business so attractive? • "They're running my ad" • Working with different businesses • Volatility and opportunity The Full-Service Agency • Offers all the services needed to help a wide variety of different advertisers • Studying the client's product or service to find both advantages and disadvantages, relative to the competition • Knowing all the media that can be used to convey messages. • Organization consists of: 1. Management • Agency philosophy, guiding principle that differentiates their agency from others and provides its reason for being • Attracting **** 1. Account planning • The peopl
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