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Creative Strategy

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ADV 318J
Gary Wilcox

Creative Strategy Tuesday, November 05, 2013 9:31 AM Where breakthrough advertising begins Great advertising starts with great creative strategy •Creative strategy establishes the unique idea that will connect a product's benefits to a consumer's needs. •Creative execution is the process of creating and producing individual ads in different media that effectively communicate the strategy. Market-literate •Marketing, advertising, and PR Objectives • Product knowledge •Consumer profile (Who are they talking to and how do they talk what are they interested in) •Competitive analysis The creative brief •Creative Brief: Synthesis of all the information about product, consumer and competition necessary to develop a relevant creative strategy. o Who is the prospect? o What is the prospect's problem? o What is the "key fact" o What is the most important product benefit? o Which product attributes provide this benefit? o What do we want our prospects to do? o What are the limitations? (no TV or budget) o What is the tone/personality of our brand? • Best way to speak to audience about brand • Communicates advertisers personality Creative Teamwork •Account planner: "consumer advocate" who functions as the consumer conscience of the agency. •Copywriter and Art Director •Creative Director •Agency Producer •The Client What is Advertising Creativity? •Advertising creativity is the ability to perceive and articulate new solutions to recurring advertising problems, and execute those solutions as messages that move consumers. What makes a good creative person? •Ambition •Energy and experience •Curiosity and imagination (Why? Why? Why? What makes it do that? How? Always asking questions) • Resilience •Bill Bernbach o What qualities do you look for in creative people? • Deep incite of the human nature. Someone who understands: what motivates a man. •Craig Allen, UT ex Eric Kallman o How do you get great ideas? Executing the creative strategy •Appeal. How should the advertiser attract he consumers attention and connect with their needs? o Rational VS Emotional • Rational: an appeal to the consumer's practical, utility-oriented needs for products and services • Emotional appeal: Aimed at the psychological rather than the utility needs o Other Types: • Humor  May interfere with understanding of commercial  Humor attracts attention  May disarm the audience  How well humor works depends on the nature of the audience.  People tend to like funny ads.  Use humor? When the audience has a low level of interest in the product, some entertainment value can help to get them involved. • When the audience is skeptical, unassuming or reserved humor can disarm skeptics • When the advertiser can only afford a minimal level of advertising • Problem solution or product as hero • Fear • Romance/sex •Attitude. How can the message reinforce or try to shift o Testimonial o Using Celebrities o Demonstrations •Action START OF NOTES FOR 11/14/13 Print Campaign • Series of three adds o How strong is the Idea? o Does each ad reinforce the campaign theme? o Can each ad stand on its own merits? • Arriving at a print ad concept o The concept, the basic message an ad tries to communicate to a consumer o Copywriter works with the headline, body, copy and signature line o Art director determines how the ad will look and selects the photography or illustration o How can you tell if you have a good concept? • Does it meet the overall advertising objectives? • Does it follow the positioning strategy? • Will it stop readers/viewers? • Will the ad reward them? • Is the concept generic or competitive? • Getting the concept across in print o The Dominant Visual. • No copy texts, just a st
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