ANT 304 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Mogollon Culture, Spear-Thrower

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8 Feb 2017

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10-24-16 ANT 304
1. Mogollon
a. I Teas: we do’t get settleets ad ople sstes util later
b. Pit houses of varying shapes
c. Point of Pines- region with several hundred sites, occupied until AD 900
d. Influences from the Anasazi
i. Mimbres culture- subdivision of Mogollon, but highly influenced by
ii. Pit houses room blocks
1. Arch shaped with Kivas
iii. Mimbres pottery- black on white pottery
1. Insects, animals, humans
2. Scenes from folktales and mythology
e. Peaks at AD 1400- influence Pueblos in Texas
2. Anasazi- 4 quarters area (UT, CO, AZ, NM)
a. Develop after a stimulus from the Mogollon (way before Mimbres)
b. Mesa Verde
c. Stone houses, cliff dwellings- everything can be traced back to the Archaic
period, traceable over time
i. Special end product that evolved over time
d. The Wetherill’s (raher-explorers)- rought Mesa Verde to world’s attetio
i. Traced back from pre-pottery deposits to pottery-rich society
ii. Basket maker pueblo
1. Move seen by development of pottery
iii. Incredibly useful for chronology
e. Settlement pattern- SE to NW axis
i. Room towards back- storage rooms
ii. SE- pit houses, burials, trash areas
iii. NW
1. pit houses
2. Kivas- subterranean circular structures that go down into the
ground, religious sites, family rituals
3. Great kivas- big, 50 ft. in diameter, 10 ft. deep, covered in
timbers; significant cost and labor; communal
f. Richness of Anasazi can be seen in works
i. Fine colored cotton string sandals
ii. Decorated and varieties of basketry
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