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BIO 325 September 11th Lecture Notes
BIO 325 September 11th Lecture Notes

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University of Texas at Austin
BIO 325
Sanghamitra Mohanty

9/11 Lecture Monday, September 09, 2013 2:42 PM Product (multiplication) law - probability of two independent events occurring at the same time  Events that are independent and simultaneously happening Sum (addition) law - the probability of any one of the two or more mutually exclusive events  Example: event 1 is happening but event 2 and 3 aren't happening at the time Ignore the conditional probability! Without replacement ---- do not put back the one you just picked With replacement --- put back what you chose back in Binomial theorem - used to calculate the probability of any specific set of outcomes among a large number of potential events  (a + b) = 1 o A = probability of event o B = probability of an alternating event o N = number of times the event occurs  Expand the binomial so you can figure out which part of the expression you need to solve Null hypothesis- there is no real difference between the measures values (or ratio) and the predicte
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