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BIO 325 September 18th Lecture Notes

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BIO 325
Sanghamitra Mohanty

9/18 Lecture Wednesday, September 18, 2013 1:32 PM Genomic imprinting - the process where genes get imprinted (or tagged) in the testes or ovaries during the development of sperms or ovums; genes in specific locations will get tagged/imprinted, so that area can be mutated (silenced = turned off) ---- imprinted genes are silenced  Angelman syndrome In cancer, it is seen that the maternal copy is silenced, so many issues arise Chromosome mapping --- can determine their allelic position!  Gives you the physical distance between genes 2 types: linkage map and physical map Genes assort independently if they are on different chromosomes but show linkage if they are on the same chromosome! Linkage - on the same chromosome  If complete linkage exists between 2 genes because of their close proximity and organisms heterozygous at both loci are mated ---> unique F2 phenotypic ratio designated the linkage ratio results Recombination - exchange of genetic information between linked genes of maternal and paternal alleles  Dependent on the distance between the 2 genes o If they're close, then they're going to stick together and rarely segregate o If they're far apart, then many instances of crossing over can happen Complete linkage --> parental (noncrossover) gametes Crossing over occurs ---> parents and recombinant (crossover) gametes Interlocus distance - degree of crossing over between any two loci on a single chromosome is proportional to the distance between them Only heterozygous individuals are considered because it's more detectable to see if genetic information were exchanged! CROSSING OVER does not happen in all meiotic events! Linka
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