C C 303 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Protoscience, Eleusinian Mysteries, Carl Jung

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Approaches to Greek Mythology
monolithic - single definition of a myth, many reasons why it is false
What is the meaning of this myth?
Historical context:
How did this myth function in the ancient world and what did it tell us
about the relationship about history? Relationships etc
Homeric hymn to Demeter (7-6 century BC)
Fear of death
promise(?) in afterlife with some sort of benefit
Religious ritual
Greek culture: father gives away his daughter (mostly, in
this time) or marry within the family
Hades is brother of Zeus: idea that father hands daugher
to brother
Mother has no say on it, tension in family
How is this myth used, interpreted (reader-thought, not author intent)
Dante Rossetti (1874), Proserpina
Model Jane Morris
Dante had affair with her
Proserpina bit the pomegranate and is stuck somewhere
she is not happy
Related to Jane morris, not happy with her husband,
“trapped” in the underworld
Dante relates to Demeter
different culture influences, shared cultural beliefs, some similar elements
between myths
Osiris and Isis
Similarities: searches for Osiris Body
Takes Queen child and tries to make him immortal
by dipping in fire
Dressed as a old women
Is it shared mindset?
God of corn (like Demeter)
Children born everyday come from ground and come back
Demeter: child also go into ground and up again in cycles
Broad claims about what myth is and where does it come from
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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