C C 303 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Athenian Democracy, Aetna, Oenomaus

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Myth, Civilization, and Identity
Is Pindar’s use of Greek myths in his Pythian and Olympian Odes the same sort of storytelling
that occurs in the opening ceremonies of the modern Olympic games(e.g. “Brilliant Civilization”
2008 Beijing Summer Olympics; ‘‘Jolly Olde England ’2012 London Summer Olympics; and the
climate change video with the reading of "The Flower and the Nausea" 2016 Rio de Janeiro
Summer Olympics)? Why or why not?
Olympics.org, Youtube/olympics
Unity symbols
Each country’s flag
Cultural aspects
Torches “hope”
The 5 rings
Lighting fire
A celebration
“The important thing in the olympic games is not winning but taking part. The essential
thing in life is not conquering but fighting well”
Associate victory with ourselves and our cultural identity
Pride associated with country
Elaborate opening ceremonies
Pindar’s poems is used AFTER winning, closing ceremonies
Opening ceremonies with myths
Stories not true
Facts doesn’t matter
Myths are important of the idea that they convey not that they are factual
An idea that they associate with, identifies themselves with
Myths in meds
Patients with narrative that HIV patients have no hope
Not true but it doesn’t matter, if they believe it
Origins and Identity
Autochthonous origins
Myths indigenous to the land
Idea that we are part of this land, “from the soil
Overcoming animalistic forces
We are more than them
Animals = wild
We are civilized and civilization is superior and deserves to rule
We deserve to be here, we brought order to this place
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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