C C 303 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Acerbas, Ascanius, Meddle

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Lecture 17: Aeneid, Book 4
Thursday, November 2, 2017
Final Project Due December 1
Argumentative/analytical essay
o 1000-2000 words (1500 recommended)
o Topic related to one of the major course texts or Blanton visit
Hesiod - Theogony
Hesiod - Works and Days
Homer - Iliad
Vergil - Aeneid
Sophacles - Ajax
Euripides - Bacchae
What is classical art?
What is a hero?
Sexuality/sexual violence
Creative project
o Creative writing (short story, poem)
o Representative art (painting, sculpture)
o Multimedia project
o Web-based project
o Suggested prompt: the place of classical mythology in the modern world
How do we continue to respond to classical mythology, and why does it
continue to be important?
o Accompanied by explanatory words
250+ words (500 recommended)
Bacchae performance
Book 4
Dido tragically commits suicide at the end of Book 4
Lots of dialogue = drama
Three “ats"
o Pages 95-5: the egiig of the affair: Dido’s error
Dido resists beginning an affair with Aeneas
Dido’s sister Aa iterees
Divine intervention
Gods initiate action
Juno and Venus conspire to bring Dido and Aeneas together
o The hunt (wedding?)
o Thunderstorm; Dido and Aeneas take refuge in a cave
o Juno creates symbolism to hint that a marriage is occurring
Conflict: a rival African king, Iarbas, seeks Jupiter’s aid
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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