C C 303 Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: Anchises, Rutuli, Turnus

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11 Nov 2017
Lecture 19: Aeneas in the Underworld
Thursday, November 9, 2017
Book 6: The Big Story
Book 5: funeral games for Anchises in Sicily
The Trojan women rebel against Aeneas and set fire to the Trojan ships
Aeeas’s helsa, Paliurus, falls oeroard ad dies fro droig
Aeneas arrives in Italy and is in need of guidance
o Consults an Italian priestess, the Sybil, seeking the Underworld
Aeneas is required to gather a golden bough and put his friend (not
Palinurus) to rest
Trip to Underworld confirms his heroic status
Modeled after Book 11 of the Odyssey
Aeeas eouters Dido i the Uderorld, here she’s stuk ith other people ho
were vanquished of love
o Does’t ko she oitted suiide
o Dido does’t respond, just turns away and leaves
Anchises shows Aeneas around the Underworld
o Tells Aeneas that when someone dies, their soul is cleansed and then allowed to
return to the Upperworld and enter new bodies
o Shows him a parade of Roman heroes to come
Aeneas’s iediate desedats
Culminates in Caesar Augustus
This is a great moment of glorification of Augustus
Overall, Vergil uses this poem to glorify the Roman Empire
o Art, rhetoric, astronomy, sculpting, and math are all associated with the Greeks
The Romans will be associated with peace, the rule of law
Roman power = sparing the conquered; no pillaging
Deeper Meaning
Lots of ambiguity and confusion
The Sybil
Bough will come willingly, easily, if Aeneas is called by fate
o Instead it clings to the tree
o He still breaks it off
Getting Out of the Underworld
Two gates of Sleep
o One of horn
Gives true dreams
o One of white ivory
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