GEO 303 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Ammonia, Electric Spark, Archaea

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10 May 2016
Geo Notes Lecture 9: Origin of Life, Chapter 12
Next lecture: fossils and earliest animals, start 13
Metamorphic rocks, chapter 10
Review tonight, 7:30
Origin of Life on Earth
oPrecambrian, continued
oMolecules of Life
oA natural origin of life?
oTo the first living cell
oProkaryotes and Eukaryotes
oWhen and where did life originate on Earth?
Precambrian rock
oLocated in the continental interior
oPrecambrian rocks: either igneous or metamorphic, collecting
evidence of early earth history
Conditions under which they form is like Himalayans, lot of
movement/mountain building
Precambrian shields are where we find ore minerals (gold,
silver, aluminum metals). Rich in ore deposits (mining
industry, not oil)
Origin of Life on Earth
oA modern scientific origin story requires
A long time scale
A reasonable mechanism for living things to originate by
natural means
An explanation for the diversity and complexity of biological
life on earth today
oMolecules of Life
Minerals vs. living things
Minerals: inorganic
Living: organic
Minerals: Crystalline solid with ordered, repeating
arrangement of atoms
Living: long chains and complex arrangements of atoms
Common building blocks
Minerals: Silicon oxygen tetrahedron
Living: Generic amino acid
Primary protein structure: a sequence of a chain of amino acids
find more resources at
find more resources at
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