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Lecture 17

GOV 312L Lecture 17: TD301- The Living Theatre and Bread&Puppet Theatre – 2.10B

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GOV 312L
Christina Bambrick

TD101- The Living Theatre and Bread&Puppet Theatre – 2.10B Recap • Civil Rights Era, Latinx Theatre • Chicano movement 1960s o El Teatro Campisino (theatre on the fields, picket lines) ▪ Agit-prop theatre • Agitation-propaganda • Sort of relates to Brecht o Gets you riled up, makes you want change o Message: wants workers to stand up for their rights against farmers who are taking advantage fo them ▪ Los Vendidos 1967 ▪ Zoot Suit 1979 The living theatre • Founded in 1947 in NYC by Judith Malina and Julian Beck • Longest running and oldest experimental theatre company in US • Collaborative o Everyone worked together, with mutual respect o Malina and beck treated whole company as equals and worked with them rather than telling them what to do • politically charged work • Working within realm of preexisting art work • Also creating their own fully devised work • First company to pull on European influences and bring them to NY • Really wanted to break down norms between people, bodies, sexuality • Anarchists: anti-war, antiviolence theatre o An era of peaceful anarchy o Take down govt, live in peace and love o Very contrary to what the current perception of anarchists today (super violent) • The brig 1967 o Movement: key o Can’t really tell what people are saying o Physical cage o Critique: Make military seem like a cult • The brig 2007 o Movement
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