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Lecture 23

GOV 312L Lecture 23: GOV 312L - Limits of Rights: Three Critiques

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GOV 312L
Christina Bambrick

GOV 312L Limits of Rights: Three Critiques 3.7 Three critiques The Cultural Relativist Critique (Ackerly) The Feminist Critique (Ackerly) The Critique of Identity Critique (Lilla) Preview Human rights strive to universality o Exist in the state of nature o Not unique to any given place Legitimacy of human rights does not equate to efficacy o Efficacy vs. legitimacy Universality and legitimacy questioned by many including feminists o Western enlightenment: also justified colonization in the name of bringing civilization to colonized peoples o Privileges individual rights over those of the community Human rights influenced by the groups and particular political struggles that argue in terms of rights Theoretical and substantive insights gained by feminist approaches to human rights Ackerly o Very sympathetic to feminist critique, not sympathetic at all to cultural relativist critique The Feminist Critique Diversity in feminism o Not monolithic, lots of different approaches Rights as entitlements: benefits secured through law or contract, something that one is due o However, more than mere legal entitlement must be in a position to enjoy the substance of the right Not enough to have right written in a document Should be able to exercise the right and benefit from it enjoy it o Cultural or economic obstacles might get in the way Rights can serve as invisible barriers to womens enjoyment of rights Three feminist critiques o Androcentrism: Rights of Man Leads to neglect of violations of rights suffered by women politically invisible i.e. domestic violence o in many documents, torture is prohibited o but no one thought about the torture women undergo sometimes in the home interdependence of political and social rights o the publicprivate dichotomy has made the places where womens rights are frequently violated politically invisible
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