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Lecture 28

GOV 312L Lecture 28: GOV312- Privacy Cases- 2.10A

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University of Texas at Austin
GOV 312L
Christina Bambrick

GOV312- Privacy Cases- 2.10A Recap footnote 4/subst. dp • Court can hold legislation to a heightened standard of scrutiny when th o Rights specifically protected by const., whether BOR or 14 (fundamental rights) o Laws that congress passes inhibit political process ▪ Hinders people from voting, accessing political info o Laws targeting unpopular minorities • Standards of scrutiny o Rational basis test ▪ Presumption of constitutionality ▪ Must be rationally related to goal o Strict scrutiny ▪ Triggered with fundamental rights or suspect classes ▪ Burden placed on state to demonstrate compelling interests • Standard for subst. dp = is the right “so rooted in the traditions and conscience our people as to be ranked as fundamental”? (Palko) o Yes ▪ Triggers strict scrutiny o No ▪ May still be some right or liberty interest, but congress has greater latitude in regulating it ▪ Not a fundamental right All 3 cases in agenda • Deal with o Substantive due process o State laws ▪ Whether or not the laws are limiting fundamental rights • Following Griswold’s recognition for a right to privacy, the court must consider whether due process clause also protects o Right to ▪ abortion ▪ Engage in homosexual acts ▪ Assisted suicide Liberty vs. community • Aka o Constitutionalism vs. democracy o Court vs. congress Griswold v Connecticut • First instance of the second version of substantive du
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