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HIS 352L
Shannon O' Brien

Latino America Wednesday, September 18, 2013 8:00 PM 1932 • Young Mexicans built families and moved east. • Natividad Castaneda, settled with wife and two children. o Emilia Castaneda (daughter) o During the depression competition for jobs grew fierce. Mexican jobs were given to Americans; no work for Mexicans. Prez Hoover wanted to get rid of Mexicans for more jobs; they deported them. Fill trains to deport Mexicans. Started targeting neighborhoods. o Mexicans became "invisible minority" to avoid being deported. 1943 • Macario Garcia became first Mexican national to receive a U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor. Was denied service at the Oasis Café in Richmond. Texas (close to his hometown, Houston) Macario gets angry and throws things. 1948 • Dr. Hector Garcia treating patients from the Barrio. In Corpus Christi families were very poor. Mexican American veterans weren't receiving the GI Forum and their benefits. Garcia held meetings for Mexicans to voice concerns. They formed a new movement: The American GI Forum. • Pvt. Felix Longoria was refused burial in Texas, even after serving his country. HUGE controversy. He was laid to rest at the prestigious Arlington National Cemetery after Lyndon Johnson heard of the injustice. 1961 • Rita Moreno was Anita in the West Side Story. Connected well with bullying. Was the first time that
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