IRG 320F Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Authoritarianism, Alberto Fujimori, Corsican Constitution

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IRG 320 Feb 16:
What is Democracy? Why Democracy?
Lit Review
o5 pages, 5 sources
oThursday, Feb. 25
oPost to canvas by noon on Thursday
oFirst 5 pages, OR short version of entire paper
oBe sure to include a conclusion
Stating what you will do next
o“After reviewing the literature, ill argue there is three schools of thought
Early History
oIndia 600 BCE
oAthens 500 BCE
“Our regime is called democracy on account of its being administered not
for the few, but for the greater number”
oRome 400 BCE
oPoland, 1500s
oEngland, 1600’s
Political Parties began
Mayflower Contract
o1755, Corsican Constitution
oUS Constitution, 1788
oFrench Revolution, 1789
Waves of Democracy
o3 Waves of Democracy, Huntington
Early 19th Century (29 democracies)
Europe, US, suffrage to white males, ends with Mussolini’s rise
Post World War II (36 Democracies)
Third Wave, 1974 (114 democracies)
Began with carnation revolution in Portugal, 1974
oOverthrow of dictatorship by military officers + civil
disobedience, peaceful transition
Asia in the 80’s, Eastern Europe as well
Latin America’s transition, and the impact of Western intervention
Measuring democracy
oA dichotomous classification?
Since we are dealing with only two regimes, democracies emerge
whenever dictatorship die” (Przeworksi/Limongi)
What is Democracy?
find more resources at
find more resources at
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