IRG 320F Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Cosmopolitanism, Classical Liberalism, Neoliberalism

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IRG 320F Jan 21:
o“an array of multiple trans boundary forces and process that reduce national;
boundaries and enable a set of new political actors to project social, economic,
and political influence over long distances.
Reducing national control over what happens in national boundaries
However, how do borders matter today?
Now have new political actors that have influence
Social, economic, political influences
Transboundary forces and processes
Free trade
Organizations (IMF, World Bank)
oTreaty of Berne, Paris Convention on Industrial Property,
Geneva Convention
Exchange of ideas, behavior, policy expectation
Technology advances
Commodity exchanges (Global production chains)
Multinational corporations
o“Heart of globalization is an array of Transboundary forces and processes that
reduce national control within national boundaries, enable a set of new political
oGlobal Migration
19th century beginnings, transportation advances have helped its rapid
oWhat is new?
Environmental concerns
Pace of advancement/sync of world
Spread of political actors (from states to NGO’s, etc.)
Non-state terror organizations?
9/11 was a shift of terror behavior/organizations
Spread of liberal/democratic ideals
oDrivers of globalization
Political diversification
Environmental concerns
“Acceptance” of neoliberalism
oEffects of globalization
Power shifts
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find more resources at
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