IRG 320F Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Preferential Trading Area, Economic Stability, Robert Zoellick

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IRG 320 Apr 5th:
oMy central conclusion is that institutions have minimal influence on state
behavior, and thus hold little promise for promoting stability in the post-Cold
War world. (1994/1995, 7)
Why do state act through IOs? (Abbott and Snidal 1998)
Support for state interactions
Managing substantive operations
Pooling activities
Norm elaboration and coordination
oRepresentative and Arbiter
Power of Institutions (Barnett and Finnemore 1999)
Legal authority
oPower of IOs
Classification, fix meanings
Diffusion of norms
Irrationality of rationalization
Bureaucratic universalism
International Institutions
oAutonomy and rationality: UN
oExpertise and norms: World Bank and IMF
oLegality: World Trade Organization
oEfforts begin in 1949
Keep peace
Friendly relations between nations
Help nations work together to address hunger, poor, and rights and
Center for harmonizing actions
oSecurity council
Five + rotating 10. General Assembly is 193 states
oPeacekeeping originally reserved to cease fighting and stopping ground conflict,
solve disputes
oNorth and South Korea 1950-1953
Real test for UN
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find more resources at
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