IRG 320F Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: Proportional Representation, Voting Bloc

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IRG 320 Apr 26:
Social Justice and Gender
Quiz #6
oLook online
Plato’s Republic
oWomen need to be taught the same thing as men, from Plato’s Republic in
oVoting bloc?
56% women and 44% of men voted for Obama
93% of Black, 71% of Hispanic, 73% Asian voters voted for Obama
oGender Gap
Women lean left
Less supportive of the use of force
More supportive of government spending
Women vote on more ideological lines, not gender
Political differences between men and women in bipartisanship (higher
rate of democratic voting)
Structural sources of under-representation (Norris/Inglhart 2001)
oLabor force participation
oLevel of socioeconomic development
oSolution: Industrialization
Brings women into the work force
Then post-industrialization: women move into higher-status economic
Institutional Sources
oElectoral system
Proportional representation
Single-member district/plurality
oElectoral rules
Gender quotas
Cultural Sources
oHostile attitudes toward political participation by women (Norris 132-133)
o“Egalitarian attitudes toward women leaders are strongly related to the
proportion of women elected” (134)
Fox and Lawless
o“Women are less likely than similarly situated men to consider running for
office” (499)
o“Many gendered attitudes about running for office, then, may result from deeply
embedded socialized norms” (499)
find more resources at
find more resources at
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