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Stephen Phillips

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The sources of knowledge (pramana) according to the Indian Realists (Nyaya) 1. perception 2. inference 3. comparison or analogy (as a means to acquire new vocabulary) 4. testimony Perception as a knowledge source requires that a sensation be veridical; non-veridical sensations do not count as perception (taken as a pramana) Compare: knowledge (according to Plato, etc.:) which is (1) a belief (2) that's true (3) with justification Perception (according to Nyaya) is defined as: (1) a cognition (2) resulting from sense-object contact or relationality (3) that is not due to words and (4) is veridical. Inference, according to Nyaya's paradigm: (0) There is fire on yonder hill. (The conclusion to be proved.) (1) There is smoke rising from it. (A perceptual premise.) (2) Wherever there's smoke, there's fire. (The general proposition expressing an invariable relationship or ``pervasion.'' (3) The hill falls under the ``wherever'' of the general proposition. (4) There is fire on yond
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