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University of Texas at Austin
PSY 301
Samuel D.Gosling

Terror management theory – refers to the terror that we face when we realize we are merely mortal or human  Profound psychology effect on people who feel the threat  Can affect how people feel under these circumstances  Become more in touch with their core values  In the wake of the disaster, people tend to lean towards people with charismatic characteristics Person-situation debate – defining somebody’s behavior in different situations  Personality psychology and social psychology: both drives personality Attribution theory – motivational theory looking at how the average person constructs the meaning of an event based on his/her motives to find a cause and his/her knowledge of the environment  We tend to overestimate the power of personality!  Actors tend to overestimate the power of reality! Personality – what you DO and what you SEE Factor analysis – which traits tend to go together The Big Five [OCEAN]  Openness o The Leonardi de Vinci factor o Very curious, adventurous, artistic o People low on this: prefer traditional things, concrete things, prefer known than unknown  Conscientiousness o The Robo Cop factor o Interested in order, duties and values o Plan, think before they act and control their impulses o Get their
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